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Welcome to Max Wraps, the leading source for bright, professional vehicle wraps for business marketing[Branding, Promotion], contractors, and individuals. Max Wraps specializes in creating high quality, customized and durable Wrap advertising in NJ & NYC for all types of vehicles.

Everywhere you look in New York and New Jersey, there are signs. There are signs that tell you where to eat, there are signs that tell you where to go, there are signs that companies use to advertise, and signs of companies use simply to let you know what’s going on in the world.

The one place and you may not always see signs, however, is a place where signs can often have the greatest possible impact. These are the signs you find on cars, trucks, buses and more. These signs go by many names, but they are most commonly called vehicle wraps a type of vinyl sign that encompasses a vehicle completely and partially in terms of a sign into a rolling advertisement or livery for the products and services of the company that works as mobile billboards.

Let us Wrap Your Commercial Fleet Vans or Trucks

Here At Max Wraps, we create some of the highest quality and most affordable wraps and signs for advertising vehicles that NYC has to offer. Every one of our Vehicle Wraps is customized to the unique needs of your business branding, created in full color and printed on some of the most high-quality materials used in the vehicle wrap world, including, 3M, Oracal, and Avery.

We are a full-service wrap advertising & marketing company, we are best known for our ability to print and create fleet vehicle graphics & Truck Wraps in NJ & NYC that fit perfectly and vehicles are in New York and New Jersey.

Every sign we create is printed by some of our skilled and highly experienced sign printing staff. Each one is also tailored to the unique needs of the vehicle, or whatever type of wrap you need. For those that are in need of a wrapper sign in NYC & NJ, call Max Wraps today at 718-648-6500.

Why You Should Consider Max Wraps

Our specific signs and vehicle wraps include, but are not limited to:

In the business world, it is important that your brand out there. The more exposure people have to your brand the more likely they are to trust you as a company and become the number one user services in the future. But getting your brand out there can be expensive and difficult. You have the option to pay for advertisements from the third party provider is, but his NBA and inefficient way to get your brand out there.

Impact of Vehicle Advertisement Wraps

Industrial analysts and trade representative both have stated that truck wrap advertisement has changed the perspective into mobile billboard advertisement it is far more addition, Outdoor Advertising Magazine claimed that outdoor marketing through mobile billboard has 97% recall rate and 99% of survey respondents have said that mobile billboard marketing is more impactful and effective rather than any other marketing medium. the American Trucking Associations stated that 91% of the audience promptly noticed the visual graphic that applied on truck wraps and Traffic Audit Bureau also stated that targeted routes generate monthly 4 million impressions. Product Acceptance and Research has stated the fact that 80% recall response is gathered through mobile billboard advertisement. Through this wrap, the advertisement has escalated the results of sales by 107%.

However, when you may not realize is that you already have the perfect tool for branding your business is. You have your vehicle. With the right type of sign, your vehicle can become a rolling advertisement that is visible to anybody that happens to be anywhere near the vehicle. Your vehicle Wraps becomes an advertisement that you control. This has many potential benefits fear businesses including:

Easy branding – Vehicle wraps expose your brand tool more consumers than nearly any other type of marketing-advertisement out there. Even when it is dormant, your vehicle wrap will be seen by those in the area, and when you’re on the road those in causes and those on the street are going to be exposed to your brand and your information.

More Professional Vehicles – Branded vehicles quickly become more professional vehicles. When the vehicle drives to its next location, and the customer sees that your vehicle pools of with all that’s branding, they’re going to feel like you are a more professional company and one that they are proud to do business worth.

Free – Once you’ve purchased your vehicle wrap, you no longer need to pay to advertise. Vehicle wraps belong to you and that makes them more advantageous than other forms of advertisements that require frequent monthly or quarterly payments.

These are only some of the many advantages that vehicle wraps offer. In addition, as a full-service company, we work as best sign company in NJ, we can also create other forms of signs, including window wraps, wall wraps, magnetic signs, and so much more.

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Max Wraps service the entire New York area including Brooklyn Manhattan New York liens and Staten Island. We also serve New Jersey including cities such as an ascend Elizabeth, Jersey City, Newark, Patterson and Tom’s River. With many fast turnaround options available, and we can do installation both onsite and offsite if needed. For more information about our sign, graphics & wraps services in NJ and NYC, please call us today at 718-648-6500, or explore our website to see all of the different sign options we have available. From trailer wraps to vinyl lettering, Max Wraps is here to meet all of your sign and advertising needs.

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