Magnetic Signs

Will your magnetic signs stick to all vehicles?
No, here are a few specific vehicles that wont stick to magnetic sign will simply not stick due to a lower proportion of metal in used in car doors. You can check it by simply with any ordinary magnet whether it stick or not.
How long will magnetic signs last in the harsh weather???
Our magnetic signs last up to 5 years, life span depends upon the care and cleaning of these magnetic signs.
What is the major benefit of selecting rounded corners magnetic over square corners magnetic sign?
The round corner magnetic sign usually expect more durability than square corners magnetic sign. Although round corner magnetic signs offer more longevity than square corners magnetic sign..we can make both magnetic signs for you.
What is the normal turn around time magnetic signs?
The turn around time depends on the quantity of order. In all cases, we get the job done as fast as we can. For an average order, the turnaround time is 2-3 business days, but it all depends on the quantity of order and availability of products.
Why shouldn't I use my website images for my magnetic signs order?
Web site images can be utilized if they are available in high definition resolution, but usually, web images are smaller than expectation. If you have images in high resolution we can help you to craft your magnetic sign.