Truck Wraps

What is a Truck Wrap?
Truck wraps are large scale vinyl decals or graphics that fit over all or most of the entirety of a truck of vehicle. They cover vehicles in a way that looks like paint, but is removable and replaceable if necessary.
What Are Truck Wraps For?
Truck wraps are primarily for branding and marketing. They are designed to turn a truck on the road into a rolling advertisement, or to brand a truck with the logo of the trucking company so that the vehicle is clearly labeled. Both truck wraps and vehicle wraps are primarily used by businesses, but some individuals have been known to decorate their cars with wraps so that they can have a unique looking vehicle without a detailed paint job.
Do You Offer Vehicle Wrap Design?
Absolutely. We know how hard it can be to create a truck wrap when you’ve never made one before. We do offer a variety of affordable vehicle wrap graphic design options, with a team that is often more affordable than completing it in house – and one with expertise working specifically on trucks and other vehicles.
My Vehicle Wrap is Damaged. Does It Need to Be Replaced?
Luckily, most forms of damage to truck wraps can be repaired with smaller pieces of vinyl. You do not generally need to create an entire new wrap if you’ve damaged your truck wrap. For more significant forms of damage, a replacement may be necessary. We’ll help make sure that you can keep your truck wraps as long as possible.
Can I pressure wash my truck after the vinyl is installed on it ?
We don’t recommend you to pressure wash the truck after installation of the vinyl . as Some pressure washers can lift up the vinyl because of the harsh potential of water.
Do I have to wash my truck before installation?
Yes. All trucks and vehicles have to be free from dust and oil and other contaminated elements that may damage or slow down the installation process s of the wrap.
How long do you need my truck for installation?
It usually depends on the size of the fleet. The larger fleets tend to take one week but small vehicle wraps can be managed in two days.
How much does it cost truck wrap?
Every project has its own set of demands. cost is directly linked with coverage and size of vehicle and style you choose for your fleet.
Can you wrap a leased truck?
Sure, we can wrap leased trucks. The wrap can easily be removed without any damage at the end of the lease period so no worries.