Window Wraps

What is window wrap?
A window wrap is a large, vinyl decal that allows you to change the exterior of your window in a short amount of time. A window wrap consists of a custom design, which is developed by our professional team, then printed on adhesive vinyl and laminated, and get finally installed.
Can we see through the windows after the window wrap is applied on it?
Window wrap allow the people to see and doesn’t block the vision
Can you install a window wrap over a tinted window?
Yes, window wrap can be installed on any clean window surface whether it is Tinted or transparent.
Is it easy to maintain window wrap?
The window wraps are made of vinly and don’t require much care , it wont require waxing and other chemical washing.
What do I need do to prepare my window for wrap?
Before wrap installation we recommend you to wash it properly to get rid of dust and oil. The vehicle containing other pollutant material won’t get installation of wrap properly.