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Custom Bus Wrapping advertisement & Graphics Solution in NJ & NY

Buses are some of the largest vehicles in the United States. They are also almost exclusively operated by municipal and commercial organizations.

At Max Vehicle Wraps, we provide affordable, efficient, and detailed bus wraps and signs for those that are interested in converting their bus into a decorated or branded vehicle.

For more information about our bus wraps, please give Max Vehicle Wraps call today at 718-648-6500.

Benefits Of Custom Bus Wrapping In NYC And NJ

There are many benefits to decorating and covering buses and other large vehicles in NYC. For businesses, such as hotels and limousine companies, adding a bus wrap to your NJ or NY bus allows your vehicle to become its own low-cost advertisement for your products and services. Those that are near the bus will be able to see your brand and be exposed to what you offer, which will increase the likelihood that they will choose your company in the future.

For both businesses and municipal organizations, such as schools, senior centers, and more, decorating a bus with its own custom bus wrap that is representative of your organization is also a great way to build trust with those that are going to be transported on the vehicle.

Students, seniors, and anyone that sees the bus arrive in a full color bus wrap know that bus belongs to you, and that they can trust it to take them where they need to go.

At Max Vehicle Wraps, we can create custom bus and trailer wraps for any size and can make it with nearly any time of design. We create bus wraps that include, but are not limited to:

  • Party Bus Wraps
    We create party bus wraps in NYC that excite those that see the bus arrive and make more people want to call your party bus and limo company for future services.
  • Shuttle Bus Wraps 
    Hotels, senior centers, casinos, and variety of different shuttle buses all depend on bus wraps to advertise their business and show riders who is arriving to pick them up.
  • School Bus Wraps 
    School bus wraps are a great way to help spread the name of your school, as well as ensure that students know that they are getting on the right bus. Parents will appreciate that your bus has that extra layer of professionalism as well.
  • Political Bus Wraps
    Politicians depend on buses to both transfer voters to the appropriate voting locations, as well as travel to meet with constituents. We provide affordable, yet highly effective, political bus wraps that can be designed with your image in mind.

We also create library bus wraps, semi bus wraps, event bus wraps, or any type of bus wrap that you, your company, or your organization needs in order to get its message out there and provide a service for riders.

For those that do not have a designer on staff that can create the wrap designs themselves, our team has graphic designers available with experience specifically in designing and developing vehicle wraps and bus wraps. We are more than happy to help you with your design, or print to design that you have created yourself.

3M Wrap Installers And Wrap Removal Specialists

Max Vehicle Wraps are trained to provide quality wrapping services at an affordable price. Not only can we install your bus wrap for you, but we can also provide temporary wrap removal, wrap repair, and any other services that you need to ensure that your bus is completely decorated the way that you envisioned it would be.

Max Vehicle Wraps is the NYC leader in NY and NJ vehicle wrap services, serving all over NY (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and More) as well as around NJ (Edison, Tom’s River, Jersey City, and beyond). For more information about our bus wrapping services, please call Max Vehicle Wraps today at 718-648-6500. We are more than happy to talk to you about your project, and see how we can provide you with the bus wrap that you envision for your organization.


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