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Some signs are designed to stay in one place for years. Storefront signs, for example, are designed to hang outside of your storefront for sometimes as long as decades without being taken down or moved in any way. Channel letters, light box signs, neon signs, and more are all designed to stay in the same places for an extended period of time.

But other types of signs need to be portable. They need to be able to be removed from the surface without leaving any damage and easily placed on another surface at another day in the future. One of the best ways to do this is with magnetic signs, which can easily be placed on any type of metal surface, removed any time, and be replaced back on that surface at a later date.

Benefits Of Magnetic Signs In New Jersey And New York City

Magnetic signs are most commonly used on vehicles like vans and trucks, but can also placed on nearly any type of metal surface. They are a great tool for a variety of different settings:

  • Personal and Professional Vehicles
    One of the most common ways to use metal signs is to convert a private vehicle into a professional vehicle and vice versa. Any time a vehicle may be used for both personal and professional use, it helps to be able to brand your vehicle when it is working for the company, and remove it when you prefer your privacy.
  • Contractor Vehicles
    For companies that subcontract out to smaller companies, you want anyone that is working on a project of yours to be associated with your business. Giving magnetic signs tears subcontractors allows them to quickly brand their vehicles with your business’s name, so that customers do not know that you subcontracted, and see everyone on staff that is more professional.
  • Affordable Advertising
    Magnetic signs also provide a very affordable form of advertising, and they can still be removed without any damage to the vehicle. If you turn a vehicle into a rolling advertisement, but you also want to make sure that there is no chance of damage that could otherwise hurt the vehicle’s value, a magnetic sign in New York from Max Vehicle Wraps can all make sure you are able to advertise without affecting your car’s value.

In addition, these magnetic signs are highly affordable, and many people use magnetic signs for long term advertising as well. Although their ability to be removed is one of their strongest features, these signs can still be kept on a vehicle for an extended period of time, and take the place of other forms of short and long term custom signage.

Types Of Custom Magnetic Signs At Max Vehicle Wraps

Max Vehicle Wraps creates magnetic signs of all different shapes and styles. We create signs that include truck door magnets in NYC, temporary door signs in New Jersey for any type of metal door (including those not on vehicles), van magnetic signs, and more.

We are the leading creator of an index signs in NYC, New Jersey, and all around the rest of the east coast including Philadelphia, and we’ll go of their way to make sure that each and every print represents your business in the most authentic way possible.

Graphic Designers For Your Magnetic Signs

For those that do not have team numbers that can create the magnetic signs that you need, we have a staff of trained sign graphic designers that can turn any idea you have into the printed magnetic sign in no time.

Call Max Vehicle Wraps Today To Get Started

Magnetic signs are one of the many effective sign options that we have available for those looking to advertise or brand their vehicle. Our team will make sure you have the perfect sign to match your business’s needs, all for an affordable price that will hurt your budget.

Our magnetic signs have numerous advantages for businesses hoping to brand their vehicles are other metal surfaces, and our company can offer a print quality that no other sign company in New York can offer for the price. If you are interested in learning more about our magnetic signs, or you are ready to order a sign for your company, please do not hesitate to contact Max Vehicle Wraps today at 718-648-6500.

We serve areas all over NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. We also serve areas like Edison, Trenton, Jersey City, and anywhere from New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvania and more. Don’t forget to ask us about our fast turnaround options available for note those that need them.


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