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Your wall is more than just the wall. It is unused space and your property. It is something that all of your customers will see, and something that helps form both the customer experience, and whether or not they make a purchase.

That is why it is often strongly recommended that you consider some type of wall wraps or wall decals to decorate the walls of your NYC property. These types of signs can provide both form and decoration, as well as an effective form of advertising for those that are trying to improve their brand, or guide people to making better decisions inside of the store.

If you’re interested and wall wrap in New York City, please contact Max Vehicle Wraps today at 718-648-6500, and we can create for you a custom wall wrap that is guaranteed to generate more business for you and your company.

What Are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps are a type of large scale sign that fits comfortably over the walls of your property. They can be full color or black and white, and are designed to blend in with the wall in a way that looks almost like a detailed painting. Some companies use wall murals to create an ambiance inside of their building, while others use these wall signs to advertise products and services.

What Are The Benefits Of Wall Wraps?

Depending on how you use wall wraps, you may find that it can have many different benefits for your property. Some of the benefits include:

  • Decoration
    These vinyl wall wraps in New York and New Jersey provide an affordable decoration for your property that is removable and any time. Many hotels and office buildings use them as a way to decorate the walls without creating any permanent paint, with murals and decals that blend perfectly with the wall material.
  • Branding
    Companies that use wall wraps can help improve their branding by crafting a custom sign that has their logo, services, or other information that will help them make future sales. With wall decals both small and large, there are plenty of ways to use these wall murals to brand your business.
  • Exciting consumers
    Studies have shown that businesses that integrate wall murals and wall wraps into their stores are able to improve revenue by creating a more professional and engaging brand.
  • Advertising
    Unused walls can be boring. They also represent spaces that can easily be used to advertise your products and services. Wall wraps work better than paint because they can be removed at any time and cost less to integrate on to your property.
  • Customer service – For some companies, wall murals and wall wraps are a form of customer service, because they both improve the customer experience and can be used to help direct people to certain areas of the store.

There are so many different ways to use full color wall murals, that the benefits are almost endless. It is simply a matter of coming up with a creative approach to work best for your business.

Why Order Your Wall Wraps From Max Vehicle Wraps?

Max Vehicle Wraps is a wall wrapping company that supports the NYC, New York, and New Jersey areas. As a full service is wrapping company, we provide:

Restaurant Wall Wrapping Wall Graphics Wall Decals Office Wall Wrapping Wraps For Hotels, Retail, And So Much More

We are also wall decal installers, capable of coming to your property and ensuring your wall wrap is correctly installed with no bumps or issues that could reduce the lifespan of your vinyl wrap. We also have a skilled and experienced graphic design team available that can help designing your custom wall wraps, as well as your wall decals and wall lettering, and ensure that you have a final design that matches your expectations.

These types of wall murals are more efficient than paint, more customizable than wall paper, and capable of providing a full color yet removable long lasting that is guaranteed to help your business succeed.

Call Max Vehicle Wraps Today For Custom Wall Wraps In NY And NJ

Max Vehicle Wraps delivers quality you can trust. With affordable pricing and a commitment to your satisfaction, we are confident that we can create the wall wraps that will help your business grow.

For more information about our wall wrap and wall mural services, please contact Max Vehicle Wraps today at 718-648-6500. Our team is happy to talk to you about what your requirements may be, and would love to learn more about your company and your goals with our services.


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